Easter Festival Schedule
Mar 31, 2015 at 18:51

Friday 3rd April


Time      Matches 

12.30:    Sefton Vets v The Old Bolts

13.15:    Ramblers B v Hulmeian Hammers

14.00:    Army Crusaders v Ramblers A

14.45:    Bury GSOB v Pinewood

15.30:    West Haddon FC v Liobians

16.15:    Ramblers A v Huddersfield Amateurs

17:00:   Phoenix Rom v Phoenix Rem


Saturday 4th April


Time      Matches

10.45:    Huddersfield Amateurs v West Haddon FC

11.30:    The Old Bolts v Army Crusaders

12.15:    Phoenix Rem v Pinewood 

13.00:    Sefton Vets v Hulmeian Hammers

13.45:    Bury GSOB v Liobians

14.30:    Ramblers B v Phoenix Rom

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