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Ched Evans Signs for Ramblers

Ramblers are delighted to announce that Ched Evans will be joining the club as a playing member for the remainder of the 2014/15 season. The former Man City, Sheffield United and Wymott prison striker was offered a way back into the game after difficulties following a widely publicised misunderstanding in Rhyl Premier Inn. Evans will join the Fourths initially but has stated his ambition to eventually replace Lewis and lead the forward line for the 1sts. Club President Chris Kingsford welcomed the move stating that the unfortunate incident in Rhyl reminded him of a time in Pollenca. Kingsford received a text from Howat saying he had a bird in his room. Kingsford immediately rushed to Howat’s apartment to find a seagull had flown in from the balcony. Kingsford and Howat took turns in grabbing and manhandling the confused bird out of window, Kingsford then leaving through the fire escape for reasons which aren’t clear.

Evans was said to be thrilled at joining Ramblers. He told the press, “to be honest, when you get rejected by Oldham you think you can’t sink any lower, but this has given me a new challenge”

Evans, alongside the visiting Sepp Blatter, will be the guests of honour at this weekend’s Easter Festival.


Easter Festival Schedule

Friday 3rd April


Time      Matches 

12.30:    Sefton Vets v The Old Bolts

13.15:    Ramblers B v Hulmeian Hammers

14.00:    Army Crusaders v Ramblers A

14.45:    Bury GSOB v Pinewood

15.30:    West Haddon FC v Liobians

16.15:    Ramblers A v Huddersfield Amateurs

17:00:   Phoenix Rom v Phoenix Rem


Saturday 4th April


Time      Matches

10.45:    Huddersfield Amateurs v West Haddon FC

11.30:    The Old Bolts v Army Crusaders

12.15:    Phoenix Rem v Pinewood 

13.00:    Sefton Vets v Hulmeian Hammers

13.45:    Bury GSOB v Liobians

14.30:    Ramblers B v Phoenix Rom


Spot the Rambler

One of the people in this photo is a Rambler. See if you can guess which one…


Kev Bodey Skiing

If you’ve ever watched those hilarious home video clips shows with Harry Hill or in the old days Jeremy Beadle, and wondered who the clumsy ee-jits are on the clips, then wonder no more. Kev Bodey handed the missus the camera and told her to film his impressive downhill slalom style. The results weren’t what Kev, or his missus, had in mind. Surprisingly this was not the most embarrassing moment of Kev’s week, but fortunately for him no-one was on hand to record his misplaced header leading to West Kirby’s 2nd goal yesterday.


Discipline Crisis in the Vets

The next committee meeting has a lot on its plate following the Vets’ home defeat to Halkyn Vets this Saturday, when the referee had to caution not one, but two of the home side. McNay’s yellow card for dissent may not surprise many, this savage tackle from Robin Kendall will shock.


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